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"I have known and worked professionally with LuAnn for over 10 years. During that time she has completed interior design and procurement for 5 projects consisting of Independent and Assisted Living as well as Memory Care. These projects had a combined real estate value in excess of $75 million. In addition, I have put my own reputation on the line in referring Luann to 5 other Senior Housing projects. I felt comfortable making the referral because I have confidence in her ability to reliably perform her services in a professional manner. At the end of the day, the ambience LuAnn creates gives the owner/operator the best opportunity to absorb the project in a timely manner. I believe she is truly committed to creating an environment that the senior will be comfortable in and proud to have family and friends visit."

Eric J, CEO, Retirement Community Specialist

"I was at the grand opening for Villa Hermosa, and I had to let you know how absolutely beautiful I thought that building turned out. You really took it over the top in my opinion. It has a very warm embrace when you walk in, and as you acclimate to the surroundings it's like sipping fine wine, it comes at you slowly but very impactful.

You've probably heard this comment thousands of times, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass without telling you. I've had the privilege of working in 2 of your buildings, McDowell Village and Stratford Phoenix, and I know La Siena and Sierra Pointe well; and I've always admired your work. Villa Hermosa is in a class by itself."

Debbie W, General manager McDowell Village by Leisure Care

"What I like about working with LuAnn is that she’s personally involved in each project from start to end; she’s very hands-on. She has the ability to fit the culture and environment of the specific geographic area in which the project is located into the design in a way that really works. When we first met, she said, "Don’t just look at my presentation manual. Here are addresses of properties I’ve done -- they speak for themselves." She was exactly right -- product doesn’t lie. LuAnn delivers above and beyond your expectations."

Ken J, Founder/President MorningStar, Denver, Colorado

"LuAnn is one of the most creative interior designers I’ve ever met. She has a real sense of color and knows how to pull everything together and make it happen. She understands the special needs of seniors and their issues. I like her and have recommended her to three or four other people."

Clancy B, Owner Sun Care Communities, Walnut Creek, California


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