What's New at Thoma-Holec Design!
MorningStar at Arrowhead opens in Glendale, AZ

MorningStar Senior Living based out of Denver Colorado recently opened their second assisted living and memory care community in Arizona. Consisting of 60 assisted living and 25 memory care suites, this community opened to rave reviews.

Thoma-Holec Design, LLC has had the pleasure of designing every new and repositioned community for MorningStar for the past thirteen years. Additional new communities for MorningStar in the past few months include Fort Collins and Boulder, CO.
The Lobby at MorningStar at Arrowhead
The Fireside Library Sitting Area at MorningStar at Arrowhead
The Dining Room at MorningStar at Arrowhead
The Bistro at MorningStar at Arrowhead
The Memory Care Great Room at MorningStar at Arrowhead
Grandview Terrace Assisted Living Incorporates a Starbucks!

Our remodels of Sun Health's Grandview Terrace have included a 16 apartment memory care, skilled nursing, short term rehabilitation and the most recent is their assisted living building.

Designed by Kim King of Thoma-Holec Design, LLC, this modern decor does not resemble the twenty plus year old structure. The Starbucks provides the typical faire for residents, staff, families and guests. The next phase of Grandview's remodel includes the remodel and new addition for the independent living buildings.
The Dining Room at Grandview Terrace Assisted Living
The Starbucks Bistro at Grandview Terrace Assisted Living
The Starbucks Bistro Seating Area at Grandview Terrace Assisted Living
The Hallway at Grandview Terrace Assisted Living
LuAnn Holec attended the Leading Age Conference in Boston in November.

The conference was extremely well attended and offered the latest in technology, design concepts, and operational insight.
  • 92% of residents choose white cabinets in their apartments if given the choice.
  • "Safety is what we want for our loved ones, but autonomy is what we want for ourselves" Atul Gwande. 
  • Quality of the food improves when the cooks can see the customers (Harvard Business Review).
  • "This is serious work, we better have fun doing it." Larry Minnix.
  • Carefully avoid the use of words such as retirement, ageing, and health care in order to attract younger more active residents.
  • Never put anything in advertising that speaks to retirement or ageing.
Keith Stanton, Senior Interior Designer
Newly elected President of ASID Arizona North Chapter
Keith Stanton, allied member ASID has been busy since he was sworn into office on October 1st.

Keith was also honored by ASID National to be one of 10 members to travel to Milan Italy for the International Furniture Market.
Thoma-Holec Design, LLC welcomes new team members!

Thoma-Holec Design, LLC is pleased to announce the following new staff members:
  • Paula Lieberman; Procurement Manager
  • Kym Cox; Interior Designer
  • Dominic Andrade; Interior Designer
  • Cameron Shorts; Assistant Interior Designer