Before and After!

Dayton Place Lobby Before Remodel!

Remodeling or repositioning a community is always a challenge. Just the process is difficult, time consuming and often surprising. You may assume that the wall that you want removed is nonbearing, but then as the demolition begins, a support column is discovered. That electrical or plumbing should not be located there, but yet, it is. And then, you have to deal with the residents!

Anyone who has worked in the senior living industry knows that residents don’t like strangers coming into their home and messing things up. They like it the way it is, pink walls, cranberry carpet and all! Even though those chairs are not comfortable and Harriet can’t get out of it once she is seated, it is still her favorite chair.

Dayton Place, Denver CO is managed by MorningStar Senior Living. The independent living building had cranberry carpet and pink walls and had not been remodeled in over 20 years. Historically it’s occupancy hovered in the high 90’s, sometimes with a waiting list. But then the economy changed and as with most independent living communities the census was beginning to change.

Our main objectives were to update the interiors for marketing purposes, and to create new activity areas for the residents. The lobby was oversized and decorated as a living room. Residents would sit in the living room/lobby and watch incoming and outgoing traffic, wait for the bus, with little conversation amongst each other.

The living room screamed for a new activity area that would provide a coffee area with refreshments, newspapers, magazines, WIFI and a TV. We barely had the chairs in place and residents began to mosey into the new space, find their new favorite chair and begin to converse. One resident summed it up: “It is so bright, and fresh, it feels like sunshine in here!”

Dayton Place Bistro After Remodel!
Dayton Place Coffee Cafe' After Remodel!

So, even though remodels can be difficult, the joy of what we do is that when a remodel is finished, we are appreciated. Appreciated by the very residents who did not want us to make those changes!