Four Crucial Reasons Why Your Community Needs Boomer-Appeal, NOW!

Four Crucial Reasons Why Your Community Needs Boomer-Appeal, NOW!

You’re undoubtedly aware that earlier this year Boomers began turning age 65 at a rate of about 10,000 per day, a pace that will continue for about 20 years. Many of them will eventually become residents of senior living communities. That equates to a long-term growth opportunity for organizations that strategically position themselves for the Boomers, now.

Alta Vista Senior Living-Multifunction Space. Interior Design by Thoma-Holec Design, LLC
Why Now?

1) Boomers are the new decision-makers. Although Boomers themselves may not need a senior living community for possibly 10 to 20 years, they have parents that need senior living today. And, generally Boomers are now making the decision for their parents or, at minimum, they strongly influence the decision by pre-screening senior living community options for their loved ones.

2) You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If Boomers are turned off or unimpressed by what they see, your organization is out because chances are your competitors have renovated, remodeled or built new communities that do measure up to their standards and do appeal to them.

3) Boomers like to share their experiences and opinions whether by voice, text, email, blog, or tweet. You’ll want them to speak positively about your organization so as to avoid negative publicity and to help fuel your organization’s growth.

4) Your community could lose two or more potential residents. If you lose the Boomers you’ll likely lose their parents, relatives, and anyone else to the senior living community they ultimately select and recommend to others.

It’s likely that even as you read this article there are Boomers scoping out your community ? online or in person. Will they be attracted by what they see? Does your community have a fresh, updated look and feel that Boomers will relate to and feel comfortable in or does it look frumpy, cold, or institutional? Does your community have the modern amenities and conveniences to which Boomers are accustomed and improve quality of life? That, in a nutshell, is what Boomers are voraciously seeking for their parents and ultimately themselves.

Is your community lacking Boomer-appeal? Thoma-Holec Design can help. We can quickly determine the best course of action suited to your budget and objectives. We are experienced in evaluating and assessing senior living communities and making recommendations to enhance Boomer-appeal and improve overall marketability.

Whether you engage us for a professional consultation, senior-appropriate furniture and flooring specifications, large or small renovation, repositioning, conversion, remodel or new construction project, your organization will benefit from our expertise and highly-specialized senior living interior design skills

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Thoma-Holec Design Advances from National to International Senior Living Interior Design Firm with New Canadian Client.

We are pleased to have recently begun work with a new Canadian client. Our initial projects are memory care design for existing communities in Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta.

Our advancement to International Senior Living Design is a testament to the outstanding reputation we’ve earned and our highly-specialized expertise. We are proud of the innovative work we’ve done to enhance the lives of so many seniors across America and look forward to expanding our reach to Canada and other countries.

Interior Design by Thoma-Holec Design, LLC
Alta Vista Senior Living Now Open!

Alta Vista Senior Living, a new 172,000 square-foot community is situated on a six-acre site in Prescott, Arizona opened in September. The community includes 88 units of independent living and 44 units of assisted living linked by a 14,000 square-foot recreation center.

Thoma-Holec Design designed the interiors. Tucson, Arizona-based STG Design was the architect and Retirement Community Specialist (RCS) based in Phoenix, Arizona is managing the community.

Alta Vista Senior Living-Independent Living Lobby. Interior Design by Thoma-Holec Design, LLC.

Your thoughtfulness in supporting and recommending Thoma-Holec Design enables us to continue doing what we do best – enhance the lives of seniors. For this we are thankful.