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We understand the ways our environment has a profound effect upon our physical and mental well-being which is why designs for the seasons in life accommodates the changes that naturally occur as we age.

While the senior living industry continues to evolve, our evidence-based knowledge proves certain things should stay the same. For us, it’s our dedication to integrity, creativity and passion for making a difference for residents of senior living communities, and the visionaries who create communities for them to enjoy meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Thoma-Holec Design, we design for the seasons in life, and our client’s vision; always, and without exception.


  • "Dear Lorna, It was lovely to speak with you this afternoon. Thank you kindly for sharing the contact info for the artist who created the spectacular sculpture “Tree of Life” in the Morningstar at Ridgegate’s lobby. After we spoke, I wanted to give you a more detailed opinion about the overall feel of Morningstar at Ridgegate. To give you a little background on our family’s story… In short order, my husband and I had to find an assisted living facility for his parents last November. After suffering a broken hip and surgery, his 91 year old father who is “mom’s caretaker”( she has dementia) was no longer able to live independently, take care of himself or her. It was a crisis we knew was coming but not prepared for. We toured many different properties and fell in love with Ridgegate. The day we walked into the lobby, I was awestruck by the” The Tree of Life” sculpture. At that moment I knew “this was the place”. I looked around and saw the beautiful art, 2 and 3-D adorned walls and spaces with tasteful style and cheerful color pallet to compliment the furnishings. Even now, I want to be there just to walk the halls and discover the art. I am so grateful to Morningstar for investing in such wonderful esthetics for the residents and guests! You see, I am a fine artist and have been in the art and architecture industry my whole life. I am a retired architectural illustrator who worked for over 30 years with architects, interior designers, and even did design work myself. I KNOW good design when I see it! Being a fine artist, oil painter, I thank you for valuing the importance, the NECESSITY, of fine art. Your talented designers have installed the collection of art because of what it does for people- it inspires, heals, stimulates, enhances, etc. Most people these days have NO idea what it means to have/own original art. So, I applaud Morningstar for making it a priority and elevating the beauty of living spaces with fine art. Your residents may not directly realize how the art collection surrounding them is vital to their outlook on life at a time when life is likely a challenge. As an non-resident, a family member who”gets it”, the benefits definitely elevate their very deserving quality of life . Thank you, thank you, thank you…"
    Susan Jarecky, Artist (daughter-in-law to John and Maree Cipolla at Morningstar at Ridgegate)
  • “LuAnn and her team have been nothing short of exceptional to work with during every step of the interior design process. We have utilized their interior design services on three new-construction, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and in terms of “senior living interior design”, there really is no other choice for us. Their ability to transform any space into a “home”, while assuring it is a well-designed, safe and inviting place to live and work is truly a gift. While Thoma-Holec Design is a national award-winning, senior living design firm, they are part of our team and an integral part of what helps set Cedarbrook Senior Living communities apart from the rest, by offering a place our residents and staff are proud to live and work.”
    Mike Damone, President, Cedarbrook Senior Living
  • “We’re a Vancouver, BC based development company with extensive experience in retail, residential, and hotel developments and, more recently, high end senior’s care communities. We were introduced to Thoma-Holec Design when we were designing our first Maison Senior Living Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Calgary, Alberta. We carried on with LuAnn’s team at Maison West Vancouver, in West Vancouver, BC. To say that we are beyond satisfied and highly impressed with the interior design work and installations completed for us by Thoma-Holec Design is an understatement. LuAnn’s team is very highly talented and thorough. They won us awards and constant, very complimentary comments from politicians, friends, and, most importantly, our residents and their families. Thoma-Holec Design made the difference between great communities and truly grande communities for us. We hope we can continue to lure LuAnn and her team to Canada for new Maison communities we have in the works. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her team do the interior design for my own home.”
    Don Milliken, President – Maison Senior Living; President and CEO – Milliken Development Corporation
  • “Thoma-Holec understood our vision of comfortable and luxurious senior living communities. Their industry expertise, talented staff, and attention to detail makes our collaboration a pleasure and the end product vibrant communities, reflective of the needs and enjoyment of our residents. We are so pleased with Thoma-Holec’s entire creative process, they currently design all our projects, each with a look and feel reflective of their location.”
    Denny Alberts, Chairman and CEO, Silverstone Healthcare Company
  • "What I like about working with LuAnn is that she’s personally involved in each project from start to end; she’s very hands-on. She has the ability to fit the culture and environment of the specific geographic area in which the project is located into the design in a way that really works. When we first met, she said, "Don’t just look at my presentation manual. Here are addresses of properties I’ve done -- they speak for themselves." She was exactly right -- product doesn’t lie. LuAnn delivers above and beyond your expectations. With the artful touch of Thoma-Holec Design, our buildings are constructed not only as a functional and accommodating senior living space, but as warm and gracious homes with a contemporary flair that speaks across the generations."
    Ken Jaeger, CEO/Founder, MorningStar Senior Living
  • “Every time Thoma-Holec Design is involved with one of our projects, I know we will have a community that will all but sell itself. LuAnn and her incredible team of award-winning designers create positively beautiful spaces, but more importantly, wonderful experiences for residents and visitors alike. From stunning, yet welcoming lobbies and living rooms, to amenity areas and dining venues that reflect the locale and current trends, LuAnn and her team never miss an opportunity to create spaces our residents are proud to call their homes.”
    Allyson Nathan, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Cadence Senior Living
  • "LuAnn is one of the most creative interior designers I’ve ever met. She has a real sense of color and knows how to pull everything together and make it happen. She understands the special needs of seniors and their issues. I like her and have recommended her to three or four other people."
    Clancy Becker, Owner Sun Care Communities, Walnut Creek, California
  • "I have known and worked professionally with LuAnn for over 20 years. During that time she has completed interior design and procurement for 5 projects consisting of Independent and Assisted Living as well as Memory Care. These projects had a combined real estate value in excess of $75 million. In addition, I have put my own reputation on the line in referring LuAnn to 5 other Senior Housing projects. I felt comfortable making the referral because I have confidence in her ability to reliably perform her services in a professional manner. At the end of the day, the ambience LuAnn creates gives the owner/operator the best opportunity to absorb the project in a timely manner. I believe she is truly committed to creating an environment that the senior will be comfortable in and proud to have family and friends visit."
    Eric Johnston, CEO, Retirement Community Specialists
  • "I was at the grand opening for Villa Hermosa, and I had to let you know how absolutely beautiful I thought that building turned out. You really took it over the top in my opinion. It has a very warm embrace when you walk in, and as you acclimate to the surroundings it's like sipping fine wine, it comes at you slowly but very impactful. You've probably heard this comment thousands of times, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass without telling you. I've had the privilege of working in 2 of your buildings, McDowell Village and Stratford Phoenix, and I know La Siena and Sierra Pointe well; and I've always admired your work. Villa Hermosa is in a class by itself."
    Debbie Whippie, General Manager, McDowell Village by Leisure Care
  • "LuAnn’s understanding of senior living environments has brought a depth of program and high-touch design to our clients beyond simply interior design. She integrates her knowledge from across the country of the market as well as operations into all of her work by providing relevant interior concepts and space development to the evolving senior living industry. We have collaborated with LuAnn at the inception of many projects and our work is better because of it."
    Dan Brusnahan, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Todd & Associates, Inc.

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