Repositioning & remodeling with Thoma-Holec.

Introducing R3 by T-HD, our program that offers remodeling, redesigning, and repositioning to help you welcome residents to your new and improved community with updated furnishings, fixtures, accessories, artwork, lighting, flooring and more.

Complete with budget friendly package options with quick turnaround, the R3 by T-HD repositioning program will:

• Help your communities regain their competitive edge
• Enhance marketing efforts and sales
• Improve resident and employee satisfaction
• Strengthen your portfolio, and more!

There are no projects too small or too large for our design team; from single space projects to large-scale projects that includes several spaces, we help our clients achieve spectacular results. By listening carefully to clients’ goals and residents’ desires and following industry reports or trends, we have a strong track record of success transforming existing spaces with results that truly reenergize older assets – and even win awards!

Whether you are updating your assets to sell, rebrand, improve the living and working environment, or to gain a competitive edge, we can help.

Our dedicated repositioning team is eager to share examples of our work or ideas for your project.

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