The Three R’s for Senior Design

The original phrase “The Three R’s” is attributed to a speech made by Sir William Curtis in 1795. In time it has stood for “reading, writing, arithmetic,” or “relating, representing, reasoning” or “reduce, reuse, recycle” to name a few. Since its original creation, the term has been used countless times to describe this trifecta as the basis for multiple success stories.

The Three R’s are also the basis of many a success story in Senior Housing Design – “reposition, retrofit, remodel!” In the past few years, communities have changed hands, hired new operational teams, and added higher levels of care. Occupancy is up, new communities are under construction, and competition remains intense.

Avista North Mountain remodeled Bistro

In order to remain competitive, marketing teams are seeking to remodel, underutilized spaces are being retrofit with new purposes that benefit the residents. Many assisted living communities are adding higher levels of care by converting areas in existing buildings for specialized care such as dementia care.

It is not often that a maintenance room that originally housed lawn mowers, HVAC filters, and workbenches becomes a formal dining area. The Colonnade in Sun City Grand, Arizona, had a desire to expand their dining area (see photos below). They wanted to create a location for a formal dining experience offering a special menu and a more exclusive dining experience.

In the photos below, you can see how the Thoma-Holec Design team accepted the challenge of retrofitting a maintenance room into a formal dining experience in order to provide a full turnkey service.

The maintenance room at The Colonnade in Sun City Grand, Arizona BEFORE being retrofit into a formal dining room

Avista at North Mountain was rebranded, and remodeled in order to reposition the community in the independent, assisted and memory care marketplace. The lobby was converted to dementia care, and went through an extensive remodel. The design team moved the beauty salon from the front vicinity and designed an active bistro area for the residents. Windows were added to the lobby and bistro area to provide natural light in an area that had an extremely low ceiling.

The Colonnade in Sun City Grand, Arizona dining room AFTER being retrofit from a maintenance room that originally housed lawn mowers, workbenches, tools and HVAC filters

The Thoma-Holec Design team implemented the three R’s – REPOSITION, RETROFIT and REMODEL – creating an environment that benefits all residents.

Avista at North Mountain lobby AFTER the extensive remodel