Women Are The Future! Happy Women’s History Month! March 2022 Newsletter


Women’s History Month 

We celebrate Women’s History Month to remind ourselves of the accomplishments of women throughout the years to our culture and society. From science to politics, it is a chance to reflect on the trailblazing women who lead the way for change. It is also an opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation for the women of today that continue to push the bar and innovate.

As a women-owned business, we know firsthand that the business world does not always host a welcoming environment for women. This is why we feel it is our duty to create an environment where women feel supported and are encouraged to thrive and succeed. 

Our success is greatly owed to the creativity, resilience, and hard work of every woman who is and has been part of Thoma-Holec Design. We are immensely grateful for all the contributions and sacrifices of the strong and beautiful women of Thoma-Holec Design. CONTINUE READING HERE